DASHEWSKI, PINḤAS (1879–1934), Russian Zionist activist. Dashewski came from an assimilated family in Korostyshev, Ukraine; his father was an army doctor. He joined a Zionist Socialist student circle in Kiev in 1902. After the kishinev pogrom Dashewski assaulted and wounded the chief instigator, P. Krushevan , in St. Petersburg on June 4 (17), 1903. He was sentenced to five years' hard labor but was released in 1906. The incident, trial, and Dashewski's appearance in court acted as a protest against the regime, and a call for Jewish self-defense . In 1910 Dashewski visited Ereẓ Israel. During the beilis case he took part in a delegation of Russian Jews to the U.S. Dashewski, who was a chemical engineer, worked in the Caucasus and Siberia. He remained a Zionist after the 1917 Revolution and was eventually arrested and died in prison. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: M. Singer, Be-Reshit ha-Ẓiyyonut ha-Soẓyalistit (1957), 256–91; Biografiya… (Russ. and Yid., 1903), published by Young Israel, London; YE, S.V. (Moshe Mishkinsky)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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